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Therapeutic massage designed for your individual needs.

Call/Text: 812-267-6631
My office is at the
Boulder Healing Hub:
1650 38th St. Boulder, CO 80301
Suite 100E

Boulder Flatirons near Little Mountain Massage

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Carrie Marks- massage therapist at Little Mountain Massage

Hello, I'm Carrie Marks, licensed massage therapist and owner of Little Mountain Massage. This is what you can expect from a bodywork session with me:


  • Receive what you need: relaxation, pain relief, deep specific work, increased circulation and mobility, relief from anxiety/depression/stress, and/or healthy human contact


  • Reconnect to not only your physical being (and your breath), but to your emotional, mental, and spiritual being through bodywork.


  • The amount of time you book is the time you have on the massage table. We can discuss your needs before and after your session without it "costing" you bodywork time.


  • I am present and energized for sessions because I allow proper time in between- when working for others, there was such a rush to get clients in/out that it was difficult to have the presence and stamina that is necessary for a remarkable massage.






I graduated with honors from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 2012. When I'm not doing bodywork, you might find me playing eclectic tunes as a DJ on KGNU, the Front Range's best community radio station!  I love having adventures with my magical son, hiking, camping, seeing live music, sitting in hotsprings, yoga-ing, and devouring books.  Colorado has been my home base for two decades and I am still completely intrigued by its beauty and vastness, and look forward to exploring more of it. 

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